• Illinois Concealed Carry Certification


    Concealed Carry Course Dates


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    Print & Mail Registration Form

    If you selected to pay by check, please mail directly to
    The Gun Experts
    306 N. Beringer Circle
    Urbana, IL 61802

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    Register Online

    *due to the cost of processing credit card payments,
    a modest 3% credit handling fee will be added to online registrations



    Basic pistol qualifies as 8 hours of credit toward your ILCC. In addition to 8 hours credit it satisfies the concealed carry requirements for Arizona and Florida. You will receive a certificate, which is recognized through the country. Live fire is required. 50 Rounds
    Price: $125.00



    - Sat 8am - 5pm (8hr class)
    - Sun 8am - 5pm (8hr class)

    Location: Mahomet, IL

    Price: $200.00



    ILCCF – Illinois State Police Approved Curriculum (Non NRA Class)
    Illinois concealed carry specific portion of class.
    *must have completed basic pistol course or equivalent 
    Price: $125.00


    In order to participate in these courses please have the following:
    - Ear and Eye protection
    - Holster
    - 100 - 200 rounds of ammunition
    - **The firearm that you plan to carry (you may bring more than one to train/qualify with)

    *You do not need a FOID card to take any of our classes
    (you will need to obtain an FOID card prior to applying for the concealed carry permit)

    ** You do not need a firearm to take our course (we can loan you one).  We do suggust that you train with what you are going to carry, but if you don’t yet own a gun, that’s not an issue, we will loan you one.

    If you have a group of 6 people or more call us for a group rate. If you have a place for class room and live fire we will come to you. We are here for your enjoyment, training, and most importantly, your safety. Give our highly trained and experienced instructors a chance to teach you what has worked for them for over 30 years.