• Mahomet Sportsmen's Club Gun Range

    The Sportsmen’s Club of Urbana offers two out-door gun ranges; one range is 50 yards and the other is 25 yards. The ranges sit back-to-back and they can both be in use at the same time. Both ranges are equipped with sheltered shooting areas. On the 50 yard range, the shelter sits at the 50 yard line. At the 25 yard range, the shelter sits at the 25 yard line. Use of the shooting shelters is optional. As long as no one is down range from the shooter, the shooter may shoot as close as 3 feet from the targets or as far back as the shelters. The shelters offer cover from the rain or snow. They also offer adjustable shooting platforms. At this time, targets and target stands are not provided. You may bring your own. Please note that steel targets are currently not permitted.

    With the exception of .50 caliber Browning ammunition, you may shoot any caliber that you like. Black powder shooting and shotguns are welcome. At this time, we are not set up for shooting clay pigeons (you have to aim at the berm). The two ranges are open on the even days of the month. 

    The ranges are strictly closed to any shooting activity on the odd days of the month.

    The ranges are closed on odd days because there are trails located near the berms. The trails are open for off road vehicles, hikers, walkers etc. on the odd days.

    Gun Range Rules (PDF)

    For more information, check out www.sportsmensclubofurbana.com

    Occasionally, the ranges are closed for concealed carry classes that are held at the club. In order to use the range, you must be a member of the club. See our membership section for membership details. You must complete the club's safety orientation course (about 2 hours). See the range policy for age restrictions.. Once this course is completed, you will receive a necklace to wear when you are on the range. This necklace informs others that you are authorized to use the range. We are always seeking ways to improve the safety and usability of our ranges. If you have question or concerns, please contact the Range Director, Dean Hazen via E-Mail or by phone at 217-344-6332. Note that email communication is preferred if possible.