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    Meet the guys...

    Dean Hazen

    Dean started his law enforcement career in 1991 and retired in 2016. Dean served in multiple jurisdictions, in multiple positions including Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Munitions Specialist, Glock Armorer and SWAT Team Operator. Dean is currently a Master Firearms Instructor at the Police Training Institute where he prepares police recruits for a safe and successful career. Dean is a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and is certified by the state of Illinois to instruct concealed carry courses.

    Dean has maintained a federal firearms license since the 1980’s. Along with Rick Noble and Joshua Young, Dean offered the first public concealed carry class in Champaign County. Since this time, Dean has trained thousands of successful students. Dean is constantly seeking new training methods and he strives to offer the best training possible. Dean is the founder and owner of The Gun Experts.

    Rick Noble

    Adventure Tactical Training, LLC is located in Farmer City, IL. The company was founded and is run by Richard "Rick" Noble. Rick is a retired police officer who brings 32+ years of actual concealed carry experience to the CCW training arena.

    Rick started his career in law enforcement in 1980. Joining the United States Air Force, Rick was immediately assigned to OSI. Office of Special Investigations is the elite law enforcement unit in the USAF. Rick was assigned to the Narcotics Unit and bought drugs and worked under cover for a year. After drug work ended Rick worked the investigations unit, K-9 unit, SWAT team and was a shift commander and range officer. Rick was also responsible for the SWAT team weapon maintenance through the USAF armory and attended numerous weapons schools and training throughout his career.

    After the USAF Rick began a career in civilian law enforcement. Rick worked this position until the mid 90s when he was injured on the job and took medical retirement. During this time Rick was a Patrol Officer, Investigator, K-9 Handler, SWAT team member, Patrol Sargent, Technical Accident Investigator, and Range Officer. In light of his experience he also attended several weapons related training classes. 400hr Basic Law Enforcement, Advanced Weapon Training, Practical Weapons Tactical Use, Tactical Weapons Training, Police Firearms Instructor, High Risk Search Warrants, Raid Planning and Execution, and numerous other departmental training sessions.

    After leaving Law enforcement Rick began working for NASCAR as an Official. He is currently a member of the safety department and a pit road official. The safety department is responsible for the interior of the car. This includes seat mounting, seat belt mounting, fire bottles, interior padding, and driver personal safety equipment.  As a senior official Rick is one of 3 supervisors on pit road.  They're responsible for 14 other officials and deal with the major disputes which arise during the race.  

    Besides NASCAR, Rick works for Beckett & Webber P.C. as a Licensed Private Investigator. Beckett & Webber is one of the best down state criminal defense law firms in Illinois. Rick has been involved on several high profile cases and continues to be employed there. Along with the PI work Rick holds a state license and credentials through Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to teach an extensive firearms course to Private Investigators and Security Guards. This course is mandated by the state to carry a firearm in performance of your duties in these positions. Rick also holds an IROCC credential. This is the Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry card that all retired police officers can get. There is a yearly qualification required and this card is good nationwide. Considering the law enforcement career and the PI career Rick has been carrying a concealed weapon for about 30 years. His philosophy “it is like an American express card, you never leave home without it”.

    Rick is married to Connie, his wife of 30+ years. Connie is in the mortgage business. He and Connie have 2 wonderful kids, Craig and Ashley. Craig, his wife Gina, and 2 of their granddaughters, Bella and Bristol, live in Mooresville, NC where Craig is an engineer within NASCAR.
    Ashley and her husband Nathan along with their 3rd granddaughter, Paisley, live in Farmer City and Ashley is employed as a special education teacher.

    Joshua Young

    Trinity Defense Tactics is located in Savoy, IL and travels all over the region teaching and consulting.  The company was founded by Joshua Young.  Not only is he a nationally licensed and insured firearm instructor, but also he is also a professional security consultant and a registered concealed carry instructor through the Illinois State Police.  He also offers firearm classes that can certify you for concealed carry permits in several other states, in addition to Illinois.

    Josh is highly trained in multiple aspects of personal protection and security.  He has worked with hundreds of homeowners, business owners, agencies, and individuals developing security plans.  As a firearm instructor, he teaches clients a variety of different classes.  His pistol, personal protection, and concealed carry classes are the most popular.  The combination of security planning, firearm knowledge, and history as an instructor gives Josh’s clients the complete package.

    In addition to being a firearm instructor Josh is a certified instructor through the State of Illinois OSFM.  He graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree with honors.  He has also been recognized nationally for his work in the security industry. 

    With the extremely high demand for Illinois concealed carry training, Trinity Defense Tactics has teamed up with Adventure Tactical Training and The Gun Experts.  These three companies will be working side by side to give students the best training in the area.  Students should expect a highly interactive, student oriented, and hands on class.  For your benefit, most classes provided will have 5x more live fire than required by the state. Our goal is to have students leave feeling confident and comfortable with their new skills.  This will be a majority of students first time carrying a firearm in public.  Don’t short yourself with the state minimum requirements or the cheapest class you can find.  You are required to put the time in, get the most out of it!